Students of the London Embroidery School

When you take a class at the London Embroidery School, we like to think that you have joined our little stitching family, so it is wonderful when our students come back to us to share what they have made.
Here are a few pictures from what some of our stitchers have achieved at their classes or with the skills they learnt.

Beginners Goldwork Course Samples by Elizabath Barrow (@keluicosplay

Tambour Workshop Sampling by Katharine Wehrmann (@cosbabe)

Beginners Goldwork Beetle Course by Miho Nishimoto (@miholondon)

Chiffon Roses Class by Stafania Gatti (@stefaniagattihautecouture)

Adapted Organdie Rose by Julian Garner (@thejuliangarner)

Tambour and Christmas Star Goldwork Class samples by Rochelle Flynn (@specklescosplay)

Structural Flowers Class by Bettina Modl (image from @teaandpearl)

Check out their Instagram accounts for more of their progress. If you would like to share your images with us, tag us into your pictures so we can take a peek!

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