Make this Christmas Personal with Monogramming

Monogramming can be a wonderful way to liven up an average present, made all the more special if you can say that you did it yourself. By personalising gifts, you can really show the people that are special to you how much they mean to you, as well as how talented you are! The range of items you could work into is endless but here are a few examples to wet your appetite and get the ideas flowing:

A few classics first of all, 

Shirts, initials sit nicely when embroidered on the chest, pocket, placket or cuff:


Ties, a little more discrete as usually feature on the underside of the tie with on the bar or in the linings, therefore can be a more personal message:


Handkerchiefs or scarfs, require a more delicate touch:

Some more unusual items,

Braces, for the person who has everything, bet they don't have a pair of these:

Jeans, if the formal items above just aren't the right style, more casual items can be lifted with a touch of luxury

Signature, if you just cant find the right font for your giftie's monogram, why not design them their own signature monogram style

Don't just stop at initials, you could work on a phrase or statement instead:

In the London Embroidery School's Monogramming class you will be taken through all the stages of how to approach, stitching a monogram so, with a bit of practise, you can apply the principals to your own items.  Our next monogramming class is being held on the 19th November to give you plenty of time to work on all those gifts you will inevitable want to individualise.

Click here to book your place in the Monogramming Class

If you love the idea of monogramming, but aren't of the creative persuasion, you can always turn to our sister company, Hawthorne & Heaney who can create and stitch your monograms for you. Contact them through the website or email


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