Autumn is coming...lets get the Goldwork out

Claire Barrett

With Autumn well and truly rolling in now, we are looking forward to sitting down at the frame and getting absorded into some goldwork. Due to the heavy nature of the work it is best suited to more substantial fabrics so it just feels right to start working with them as the temperature starts to drop.This weight is produced not only by the metal itself, but by the layers of work that go into it to make it so rich. The amount of work that goes into these pieces and its delicate nature means that there is a very luxurious feel to it, reserving it to only the finest of pieces.


Once a design has been decided upon, it is applied to a semi translucent surface to be perforated in order to transfer the design to the fabric.

Next, depending on the materials to be used and the desired height of the finished embroidery, a padding is selected and applied to the design in order to support and raise the metalwork.

Finally the cut work is applied over the paddings in carefully selected directions in order to give shape and form to the design.

I think you will agree, the final effect is quite exceptionally and worth the preparation.


If you would like to try your hand and this specialist skill, we have a 3 part gold work course available on the website, with a course starting next Wednesday (8th October) if you would like to join us. There is also an abundance of other goldwork examples on the Hawthorne & Heaney website if your curious to see more.

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