Show and Tell

I thought this week, I would take you back to school and propose a round of ‘show and tell’. A couple of weeks ago, The London Embroidery School had one of our Organdie Rose classes as part of the ongoing Summer Season of Courses. Inspired by the lovely creations from the class and the need to make something beautiful for my little cousins Communion, I used the Organdie roses technique to create something for her.

I already had a little satin bag that needed sprucing up, and had thought that a corsage might be a nice way for a little girl to wear them as they are quite big. So after quite a few hours of playing around with the organdie, I scaled down the petal sizes to 80% and 60% of the original size and worked with them instead.

The corsage ended up having one 80% rose, one 60 % rose and a bud that i just made by adding extra bud wraps instead of petals. I put together a very simple memory wire and pearl bracelet, all of which were attached together in the middle with a bit of jewellery wire. This wire then provided the supports for the flowers which i sewed onto the bracelet and finished with the addition of some ribbons to tie it to her wrist with.


The bag has one 80% rose and two 60% roses on the top, along with a bud and a cluster of pearls down in the corner. I made a loop on the roses through which to attach the roses directly into the fabric of the bag. Finished off with more ribbons to dangle down the side.

And here's the little lady herself, proudly modelling her corsage and bag!

If you would like to share some pictures of the things you have made after a London Embroidery School Class, we would certainly love to see them. Send your pics to and we will get them put up in all their glory!


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